A traditional Jazz Band for hire in Buckinghamshire, England, UK, to play live music for your party entertainment.

You can hire this traditional jazz band in Buckinghamshire to play a mixture of well known jazz standards, blues, and popular tunes of the early 20th century in the New Orleans jazz style, that appeals to all ages.

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Throughout Buckinghamshire the traditional jazz style means that the tunes played have a beginning a middle and an end which most people like, and are suitable for listening to in a concert situation or for dancing.

Traditional Jazz is the name applied to the earliest form of music that jazz bands played in New Orleans, it was very popular in the nineteen twenties as a social music, where jazz bands entertained at any social gathering, from being the entertainment at a picnic or for dancing in the dance halls.

The early live jazz was usually played by small bands of up to seven pieces, it is an improvisational music where the musicians in the band re-arrange the tune as they play. If you hear the same band play the same tune twice it should not sound the same as each musician improvises to reflect the venue, the event and, how they are feeling.

The original or traditional jazz had a revival starting in the USA in the ninteen fourties and has continued to be a popular and entertaining live music today. It became known as trad jazz in the uk.

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Like all acoustic jazz bands in Buckinghamshire they do not need electricity, so they can play party music indoors and outdoors and can move between as required. This Jazz Band was formed twenty years ago and has performed at most types of venue large and small.

This Jazz Band has played live music at many events, concerts, corporate events, shows, clubs, parties, openings, fetes, promotions, jazz festivals, dinner dances, receptions, wedding receptions, funerals, etc. visit the gigs done to find out what type of events they've entertained at.

This is the trad jazz band in "Made in Chelsea" series 8 Episode 3

Visit their gigs page so that you can see if they are available on the the date you would like to book them or, to see where you can come and hear this jazz quartet.

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