A traditional jazz band available for hire in Berkshire, Dorset, Gloucestershire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire, Somerset, Surrey, Sussex and Wiltshire England UK, to play live music for your party entertainment.

This is one of the most entertaining party bands, that can be booked in southern England to play well known jazz standards, blues, and pop songs of the early 20th century in the New Orleans jazz style, lively music that appeals to all ages.

This traditional New Orleans jazz band like all acoustic jazz bands is not dependent on electricity which allows these jazz musicians to play music for entertainment either inside or outside.

The logo of this traditional New Orleans Jazz Band for hire in the south of England.

This Jazz Band has many tunes on their playlist, mainly from the vintage swing era including well known tunes like "All of Me", "Tuxedo Junction", "Avalon", "Blueberry Hill", "Bye Bye Blackbird" and a few from the Trad revival like "The King of the Swingers". Most of their repertoire was recorded at some time by artistes like Louis Armstrong, Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack who recorded the best tunes of the era, however Acoustic Jass is not a cover or tribute band, they play in the traditional New Orleans Style.

This popular style of music means that the classic jazz tunes have a beginning a middle and an end which most people like to listen to in a concert, to get up and dance to or, just as background music at a party or reception anywhere in Berkshire, Dorset, Oxfordshire, Somerset, Surrey, Sussex or Wiltshire.

The twenties style striped blazers and straw boaters, one of the smartest jazz bands performing around Southern England.
One of the smartest jazz bands for hire in Southern England, with their twenties style striped blazers and straw boaters.

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These experienced musicians have been booked to provided their sophisticated entertainment for various functions:-

This jazz ensemble has appeared at weddings and wedding receptions in Southern England at:-

Traditional Jazz Band at a party in white tie and tails
These musicians in white tie and tails at a birthday party.

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Like all acoustic wedding bands for hire in the south of England they can play exciting party music indoors and outdoors and can move between as required and when there is a vocalist they use a battery powered PA which is easy to relocate.

This Jazz Band has been booked for hundreds of events, concerts, corporate receptions, shows, clubs, parties, openings, fetes, company promotions, jazz festivals, dinner dances, receptions, weddings and wedding receptions, christenings and funerals

One of the best jazz bands in southern England live at a wedding.

This jazz quartet was has performed at venues large and small in southern England and has been hired to provided music entertainment for all sizes of audiences from lunch and dinner parties of thirty people, to corporate events with up to seven hundred and fifty people (they did use PA there). This classic jazz ensemble once performed for a party of six people in their front room.

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This is the trad jazz band in
"Made in Chelsea" series 8 Episode 3.

Visit their gigs page to see if they are available in your area on the the date you would like to book them or, to find out where you can come and hear this jazz quartet.

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Their repertoire with samples

Their latest CD "The Summer of 17"
(that was when it was recorded)

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This New Orleans jazz band playing at a birthday party.

Traditional Jazz is the name applied to the earliest form of music that jazz bands played in New Orleans, it was very popular in the nineteen twenties as a social music, jazz bands entertained at any social gathering, from being the entertainment at a picnic or for dancing in the dance halls.

Early live jazz was usually played by small jazz bands of up to seven musicians. It is an improvisational music where each player in the band re-arranges the tune as they play. If you hear the same band perform the same tune twice it shouldn't sound the same as the musician improvises to reflect the audience, the event and, how they are feeling.

The original form of jazz had a revival starting in the USA in the ninteen forties with jazz bands spreading across the world and has continued to be a popular and entertaining music today. It became known as trad jazz in the UK.

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